“We cannot recommend Dog-ease highly enough. Adem and Sally were fantastic when we reached out to them following a recommendation from a friend. Oscar, our wonderful miniature schnauzer, lost his sight suddenly at the age of 7 due to SARDS. At first he was depressed, which was heartbreaking for us, so we contacted Adem as we wanted to make sure we were giving Oscar the best opportunity to adapt to his sudden sight loss. Adem visited our house and we have not looked back since. Within a short space of time after training with Adem, our happy, confident boy was back. Oscar loved him straight away, it is apparent that Adem’s work is not a job, it’s a vocation, the love and dedication is obvious when you see him interacting with the dog.”

“Adem talked us through various tips and techniques to enrich Oscar’s day and explained to us the importance of scent and sound to a dog. He introduced us to the concept of holding a toy near Oscar’s nose and maybe running it over his back to encourage him to use his sense of smell to follow the object, using a keyword. This has progressed to us using the key word ‘ready’, without any other cue, when we are out with Oscar. He now runs off and waits excitedly for us to throw a ball, he then hunts for the ball. The joy this simple game has brought Oscar and us is nothing short of a miracle when we reflect on his low mood when he lost his sight. To see Oscar literally bound and bounce playing this game is priceless. Throughout the day we use various games for example, food dispensing toys or snuffle mats to engage Oscar. Which he thoroughly enjoys. Over 18 months on from when Oscar lost his sight, we have our happy and joyful boy back. We cannot thank Adem enough.”

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Owner of Oscar


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