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Our Ethos


Here at Dog-ease we are keen to ensure that everyone is able to make good progress, regardless of a dog’s starting point, age, or any issues that they may currently be experiencing or may have experienced in the past. We believe that every dog deserves the chance to lead a happy, fulfilled and stress-free life where their individual needs are understood and met by their owner. Similarly, we believe that it is important for owners to enjoy their dogs and to be able to share amazing experiences with their dogs. To achieve this, we work closely with owners to ensure that their dogs understand their daily needs and routines and can fit into their modern lives. Everyone lives life differently, and every dog is different. At Dog-ease we aim to bridge the gap between dog and owner, allowing everyone to live life in harmony and to the full.

Our training methods are positive and reward based. We believe that a well-rounded, good mannered and obedient dog stems from a mutual respect between dog and owner. A Dog-ease dog is one that is confident, happy, content, loved and stimulated – both physically and mentally. At Dog-ease we don’t just invest our time in dogs, we wholeheartedly invest in their owners too!



Yogi, Penny, Wren
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Dog Behaviourist & Trainer

CFBA Registered & Certified

As seen on Channel 4


Owner and founder of Dog-ease, Adem’s passion and fascination with dogs started as a young child and since then he has studied, observed, worked, lived with, and breathed these amazing creatures. Lucky enough to get his first dog at the age of nine (raising the money himself by washing cars and running errands in the local neighbourhood!), he soon learnt two important lessons: 1) That owning a dog was extremely important to him when life got tough and 2) that owning a dog was not always easy and that there was a need to develop a common language between human and dog so that each clearly understood the other. 

As a teenager Adem set about learning everything he could about his canine best friend, attending local dog training classes as well as working in a local kennels with all shapes, sizes, breeds and temperament of dog. During his time at the kennels (some nine years!), he learnt to communicate effectively and clearly with the many breeds as well as learnt how to work with any behavioural issues that the dogs came in with. His dedication to his job saw him work all hours and snub normal teenage and social events in favour of working with his four legged friends. Even when attending university, Adem would travel back during weekends to work with the dogs at the kennels or help those in his local area with their dog training and behaviour needs on a 1-2-1 basis. Adem has always known that helping dogs and their owners is his ultimate passion.

Since then, Adem has spent over 15 years working with dog owners in order to help them to fully understand their doggy best friends and, when necessary, overcome any training or behavioural issues they might be experiencing. Adem’s aim is to help as many people as possible to enjoy their dogs and, consequently, as many dogs to enjoy their humans!

What adem offers

Dog Training and Behaviour

Adem is able to help owners with all of their dog training and behaviour needs. Adem helps clients on both a 1-2-1 basis and in a group training class setting, regularly running training classes at the Dog-ease School. Adem is regularly recommended by local vets in the area for both group training and 1-2-1 behaviour modification training.

An Accredited Service

As a CFBA registered Dog Behaviourist, Adem’s behaviour modification training sessions are fully accredited, guaranteeing their quality. CFBA accreditation also means that pet owners are able to claim for Adem’s behaviour modification training through their pet insurance policy should they have this level of cover in place. Please go to the ‘Behaviour Modification Training’ Page above for more information on this process.


Adem has regularly exhibited at national shows and continues to do so. Some of these include The BBC Countryfile Live Show, Dogstival, The Game Fair, and Crufts. Adem has worked alongside large organisations such as the Kennel Club and the RSPCA at these events.

TV, Radio and Press releases

Adem has appeared on national TV, been quoted and accredited in national newspapers and magazines, and his expertise has been aired on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on a number of occasions. If you would like to enquire about booking Adem for an event, please visit the Contact Us page and use the ‘Contact Form’ to enquire about this service. Should you like to enquire about a press opportunity, please contact Jane Garner at Kilogram Media.

Sarah Cave

To give a dog the best life you can, you need to not just love your dog but also understand what your dog needs – materialistically, physically and emotionally

Dog trainer


With a background in helping dogs in a local rescue kennel, Sarah has been part of the Dog-ease family for over seven years working closely along side Adem. An experienced trainer, Sarah is able to assist owners with achieving their Dog-ease Training Awards and, alongside Adem, runs a number of group training classes at the Dog-ease School. These include Puppy Training, Obedience Training and Agility Training. Sarah is also available for 1-2-1 Agility and Puppy Training sessions.

Sally Fehmi

The most enjoyable part of my job is hearing from our clients and learning of their training successes, whether this be achieving their Puppy Award or a dog overcoming a fear or anxiety that has previously negatively impacted to the dog or owner’s wellbeing. No matter what you want to achieve I am certain that we can make it happen!”

Business Manager


Animal lover and organisation guru. From the day to day running of the business to events and business development, Sally keeps the cogs turning! Sally is often the friendly face behind the emails you might receive in reply to your enquiries into the services that we offer. Sally works hard to ensure that all of our customers receive the necessary ongoing support that we offer and, if required, are placed in an appropriate training class as soon as possible.

Jane Garner

If you would like to enquire about our services for media purposes, from TV to newspaper and radio interviews, please contact Jane at: [email protected]

PR & Media Consultant

Yogi, Penny, Wren & Bertha

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Dog-ease Ambassadors and much-loved family pets!


Yogi is our eldest dog and a Pets as Therapy member. He loves nothing more than to visit people in need and either sit quietly and be stroked or perform his tricks for them. Yogi is soft and caring, a true gentleman.


Penny originally came from a kennel environment and joined Adem when she was just under two years old. Having never lived in a house before, Penny had to learn all of the basics, soon becoming Yogi’s best friend and companion. Penny is calm and sweet natured, often helping Adem in behaviour modification training with anxious or fearful dogs.


Wren is our second youngest dog and keen demonstrator – whether this be live in front of an audience at a show or in 1-2-1 sessions with our clients. Wren is fast and determined, especially when a ball is involved!


Young and youthful, Bertha is the baby of the Dog-ease family. Bertha is gentle by nature and a happy soul.