Adem and Sarah saved our lives!

“Nelly is a beautiful but boisterous 20 month-old Golden Retriever, from working gun dog stock. We had not appreciated the huge differences between easy-going show stock Goldens, like our previous and much loved Honey, and the challenges of their working stock counterparts. As a result, we were really struggling with Nelly’s behaviour and came to Adem almost in desperation. After a couple of one-to-one sessions with Adem and a few Sunday afternoons with Sarah, things improved quite quickly. As everyone finds, this proved at least a matter of training the owners (us) as managing the energies of Nelly. Adem’s trade-mark technique of getting the dogs focused on chasing and retrieving a ball was almost a magic trick, that she took to with relish. Beyond that it’s been a step-by-step process, putting structure and boundaries into Nelly’s behaviour to the point where she now walks nicely to heel, waits patiently when told, meets other people and dogs politely and (mostly) comes when called. It’s still work in progress, but enjoyably and rewardingly so. It is no exaggeration to say that, before we started working with Adem and Sarah, we probably could not have kept Nelly. She is now a loving, biddable and well-mannered member of the family – well mostly. We would certainly recommend Adem, Sarah and Dog-ease to anyone with a doggy friend, and not just for ‘problem’ dogs like Nelly was – the other dogs in our Sunday classes all made great progress in their different ways.”

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