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Now 4 years old, our Cocker Spaniel has been getting and, more importantly we have been getting, invaluable training and information on how to correct some significant behavioural issues and our training technique (or frankly entire lack of it) since she was 6 months old. Being new puppy parents who had committed almost every mistake in the puppy rearing book (no-one told us there was one), we had realised we were in trouble and had taken her to dog training classes only to find they were making her behaviour worse. She was almost uncontrollable, biting and becoming more and more possessive and aggressive. 

Adem first came to do what he thought was a routine puppy home visit. Within 3 minutes, she had stolen his pen and was in the corner with it growling, and she meant it. The help started immediately with a totally new approach to our home environment. Soon we enrolled in puppy training classes and, as we became better dog handlers and she gained more trust in us, we started to see results within the first few weeks. The training was simple and clear and after a lot of hard work and patience has resulted in such a strong bond and a relationship with her. I don’t think we would have had this without Adem. Honestly, I’m not sure we would have been able to keep her without his help, which would have broken my heart as everything that happened was entirely our fault. Our puppy didn’t come to us badly behaved, we let her get that way.

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Adem and Sarah make a wonderful team. The perfect balance of focus and fun. Adem’s approach is clear and I have lost count of the number of doggy predictions he had made that have come true. Good and bad. I have never known anyone understand dogs on such an instinctive level. As I write this, I am looking at my Cocker Spaniel, asleep in her crate and our brand-new puppy asleep in his while I am cooking cakes on the hob. This would have been impossible not even a year ago.

We could not recommend Adem and his team highly enough. He has been our and our Cocker’s life saver. The selection of our new puppy has been very carefully considered to enhance our doggy family. Adem came with us to check the puppies and their environment before we confirmed our choice for real peace of mind. Thank you Adem, Sarah and Sally.

Owner of Amber & Banjo

Amber & Banjo

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