Bailey is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is our first dog. We collected Bailey as a pup at 12 weeks old. Adem was recommended to us by someone local and as you see so many Staffies in rescue and hearing that they can be stubborn to train we wanted to make sure we did right by Bailey and bring training into his daily routine as soon as possible.  We started with a 1-2-1 session with Adem where he came to our house and spent time teaching us important things around the house, like how to introduce leaving him alone for a few minutes at a time and building it up.  He then got straight to work with treat based sits and stays. From that point on I knew I wanted to take Bailey to Adem’s weekly classes and was delighted when a slot became available.  


Adem helped me introduce socialisation right from the start and without his help I don’t believe Bailey would be as well behaved around other dogs as he is.  Many people are amazed when I say Bailey hasn’t chewed anything in the house and I believe this is all down to Adem’s advice and the gradual introduction of leaving him alone. Bailey is doing great with his sit, stays and leave and his heal work is improving every day. I have learnt so much myself through the Dog-ease team and it’s great that if I ever have any concerns I know Adem is always happy to help.  Bailey loves to play ball and have a run in the scurry at training as well as continuing with all the important stuff too.

Owner of Bailey

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