Here is a simple but effective game for you to play outside with your dogs. Here I have used some games cones to hide treats under however you can use anything you have to hand to hide the treats – yoghurt pots, Tupperware, cut up egg boxes, etc. Be creative!

As you can see, old Yogi here thought this game was absolutely wonderful! He already knows the ‘find it’ command and knows this means to ‘search’ for tasty treats. If your dog doesn’t understand this command you could introduce this and start to help them understand what it means. As with all training, give the command as your dog carries out the action. For this game, you should reward your dog with your voice (for example saying ‘good boy’) as they search for the ultimate reward, the food, with their sensitive nose.

A good thing about this game is that it can also be easily played indoors – video to follow!

Let me know if you try this out. Tag me in your videos. I’d love to see your dog’s having fun and also what objects you come up with to hide the treats under!

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