So here is a different version of the ‘Find It’ game that, if perhaps the weather is bad or you don’t have access to a secure space, can be played indoors. I have also provided some added variation on how to position and ‘hide’ the treats to be found to increase the fun!

Again, it’s simple but effective and a good one to get the kids involved with too as they can help to set up and make the treat ‘pots’ to be snuffled at!

Here I have used a variety of containers we might otherwise recycle – yoghurt pots and take away containers. But any plastic or even cardboard style pot or tub usually works! I have also used pet shop bought liver paste to stick some of the treats to the roof of the containers but again be creative. You could, for example, also use wet dog food or perhaps dog friendly peanut butter.

Remember to praise your dog with your voice to encourage them to use their nose and work to ‘find’ the ultimate treat rewards!

Keep following the government guidelines and stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. Together we can all make a difference! Let me know if you try this game out and tag me in your videos 🙂

Dog-ease Training & Behaviour

Dogtor Adem

Disclaimer: All training is attempted at the owner’s risk and Adem Fehmi accepts no liability for any injuries to pets or owners sustained during training. If your dog is showing signs of a behavioural issue please seek professional advice.

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