Clean & Tidy Home Show – Excel London

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Oct 9, 2022
Oct 9, 2022

Join me at the Clean and Tidy Home Show at the Excel London on Sunday 9th October.

11:30am – Demo Stage

Dogs in the home – How to keep dirt and damage at bay

Dogs can contribute to a lot of mess in the home as well as added wear and tear. Adem demonstrates his top tips and tricks for keeping the dirt out of your home, cleaning up after your four legged best friend, and also how to prevent your dog from causing damage to your home.

2:15pm – Main Stage

Let’s talk about pets

In this session, myself, Chloe Fuller (The Super Spaniels), and Nikki Readman (Vamoosh) will be taking a paws to think about the sits and wiggles we have living with a furry friend. Whether it’s a goldfish whose tank needs cleaning or a pack of Labradors who need walking three times a day, having pets changes the way our homes operate. In this panel, we talk about: • What should we consider when we have pets? • How do our homemaking methods impact them? • How can we care for our things properly with pets in mind? If you’re a pet owner, thinking about getting a pet, or just want to know what it’s like to share your home with the four-legged part of the family, this talk is for you!

To learn more and see the full timetable for the event, click the link below:

Clean & Tidy – Home Show

Clean & Tidy Home Show – Excel London

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