Enhancing your dog’s mental wellbeing (Part 4) – How to use a lick bowl

A short but sweet video tutorial here where you can see the lovely Bertie using a Lick Bowl that has been filled with Barking Heads wet food. These items are great for use both in the home and out and about in order to further enhance your dog’s day and provide extra mental stimulation.

They can encourage a more fussy eater to ‘have a go’ at the game. This can then help with the transition to using more time consuming food dispensing toys as your dog builds their confidence and ‘drive’ for the game in order to get to the tasty food reward! As with all the food dispensing toys on show in this series, a lick bowl is a great way to encourage your dog to play, assist with keeping their teeth clean, and enhance their day through mental stimulation.

This particular food dispensing toy can also be used as a food bowl and is easy to transport. This means that you can easily take it to a variety of locations, even on holiday or on short trips away. If your dog is used to using an item like a lick bowl, this can help to encourage them to settle in new surroundings.

Dog-ease Training & Behaviour

Disclaimer: If you are concerned about a behavioural issue I, and Pet Food UK ltd, recommend that you seek advice from a certified behaviourist. All training is attempted at the owner’s risk and Pet Food UK ltd and Adem Fehmi accept no liability for any injuries to pets or owners sustained during training. If your dog is showing signs of aggression, especially around food, please seek professional advice.

Enhancing your dog’s mental wellbeing (Part 4) – How to use a lick bowl

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