Enhancing your dog’s mental wellbeing (Part 3) – How to use a large food dispensing toy

And here we have tutorial three of our seven part series, showing you how to use a large food dispensing toy.

For me, these toys are best used in the garden or in an open area where there are not so many objects to get potentially ‘bashed’ or to obstruct the play.

As you can see, my older Labrador Yogi (nearly 12 now!) just loves to play with this toy. Because of arthritis, Yogi isn’t able to run and play as much on his walks so this provides him with some excellent extra mental stimulation, improving his day. Just look at his tail wag!

I have also used this toy with my puppy Bertha, currently 5 months old. Bertha chases it around at a much greater speed, picking it up and chucking it also, to retrieve the tasty treats inside. Being a puppy, Bertha has to be fed more regularly in the day than my older dogs and this provides her with a fun game to get to her Barking Heads Puppy Days dry food for one of her meals.

If you have a small dog this particular food dispensing toy might not be so suitable, although there are lots of similar products on the market that are smaller in size that you can find in order to recreate the same fun game!

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Enhancing your dog’s mental wellbeing (Part 3) – How to use a large food dispensing toy

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