Professional Canine Assessments

Adem regularly works for a wide range of organisations and individuals, undertaking professional canine assessments for a range of professional needs. As an example, some of the services Adem is able to offer include: Canine assessments of dogs in foster homes or of those looking to foster or adopt a child; Canine assessments of dogs working towards their assistance dog status; Canine temperament testimonials; Dangerous dog testimonials  

What to expect?

Assessments are thorough in their approach, usually lasting between two to three hours, dependant on the number of dogs being assessed and the nature of the assessment. Assessments are fully tailored to the requirements of the person or organisation requesting them. Assessment activities are carried out in a controlled and safe manner, putting neither the dog or owner at risk or under undue stress.

Each canine assessment will be accompanied by a full report that details the assessment activities carried out and Adem’s professional observations. Advice and further training requirements, if necessary, are outlined clearly with an overall detailed summary at the end of the report. Reports are written in clear, everyday language with any technical canine terms fully explained as necessary.

Adem is a fully accredited canine behaviourist, ensuring a high quality assessment, fully tailored to your needs and requirements.

As a top UK behaviourist, Adem is able to offer support, advice, obedience training and behaviour rehabilitation training should you require this before or after your canine assessment.

If you would like to discuss your canine assessment needs further and/or book a professional canine assessment, please use the ‘Contact Form’ to get in touch!

Professional Canine Assessments

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