Gundog Training

Whether you are looking to understand your dog’s drive, build a better bond with your best friend, train your dog to accompany you as a peg or rough shooting dog, or perhaps train your dog as a competent picking up companion, Adem can help you. Adem’s methods are modern and positive in their approach and, using these methods, he has successfully trained many dogs for the field – including the Dog-ease ambassadors Yogi, Penny and Wren!


What to expect?

Adem offers gundog training on a 1-2-1 basis. Training usually begins at the Dog-ease Training School before progressing to other locations, dependant on the needs and training level of your individual dog. As your dog progresses, Adem will be on hand to answer all of your questions and guide you through the entire training process.

Just like us humans, all dogs will have their individual character traits and needs. This can stem from the breed traits of your dog as well as mannerisms and personality traits passed down through their ancestors. During your training sessions, Adem will be able to give you an insight into the mind of your individual dog, what motivates them, and how best to help them to understand your training commands so that they are able to learn quickly and effectively.

As an experienced behaviourist, Adem is able to help you to overcome any training difficulties that you might encounter, whether this be how to get your dog to confidently retrieve in water to how to how to get your dog to confidently retrieve straight to your hand. No issue is too big or small for Adem to help you with! During your session(s) Adem will also be able to make you aware of any potential behaviour-based training difficulties that you should look out for and how to structure your training to prevent these.


At Dog-ease we teach through the use of positive reinforcement by praising your dog through the use of your voice, tasty food treats, and play. These encourage your dog to want to learn! We teach you how to time your praise carefully so that your dog can understand what your command means, respond appropriately, and learn quickly! 

If you would like to join us at the Dog-ease School or book a one-off training session to kick start your training at home, please use the ‘Contact Form’ to get in touch!

Gundog Training
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