Behaviour Modification Training and Rehabilitation

Would you like to address a certain anxiety or fear that your dog is experiencing? Would you like to change a certain behaviour that your dog is exhibiting? As a CFBA registered Dog Behaviourist, Adem’s behaviour modification training sessions are fully accredited, guaranteeing their quality and the expert advice you will receive. CFBA accreditation also means that pet owners are able to claim for Adem’s behaviour modification training through their pet insurance policy should they have this level of cover in place. Please see below for more information on this process.


Behaviour modification sessions are offered on a 1-2-1 basis. To begin the rehabilitation process, Adem will usually visit the owner’s home (or where the dog typically resides) to carry out a comprehensive 3-hour consultation involving your dog and you, the owner. Dependant on your dog’s behavioural issues, Adem may also take you and your dog to a second location during this time specific to your dog’s individual needs.

What to expect:

To start your consultation, Adem will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your dog, assessing the behavioural issues present. Adem will also take into consideration your own needs, expectations and worries.

With the information from the assessment to hand, Adem will then create a bespoke rehabilitation training programme to address the behavioural needs of your dog, taking into consideration the specific needs of the you, the owner, and your individual home, life and routines.

Both 1-2-1 consultations and the rehabilitation programmes created are structured to ensure that owners are confident and competent in carrying out the behaviour modification training exercises necessary for the successful rehabilitation of their dog. Rehabilitation exercises are created and taught with the individual capabilities of the dog and owner in mind and, in addition, work at the pace of both the owner and dog. Exercises are broken down into small, achievable steps for the owner to follow and for the dog to successfully understand. This ensures that effective progress can be made in addressing the behavioural issues present.

Adem’s methods are based on positive reinforcement and are designed to ensure that your dog is able to understand and cope with your modern-day life, the situations that they may find themselves in, and the expectations that you, as the owner, may have of them in these situations.  Adem’s training methods encourage mutual respect between dogs and owners.

Adem’s approach looks to educate you, the owner, on the specific temperament, energy and needs of your dog, offering insights into how your dog may perceive the world. This insight into your dog’s mind helps you to better cater for your dog’s needs and helps you to understand the importance of, and reasoning behind, the behavioural training programme and exercises put in place.

Advice via phone and email after the session is included within behavioural consultations and is not charged for as a separate service. 

Although not all dog’s and owners will require a follow up consultation, follow up sessions are scheduled with enough time in-between to ensure that owners have been able to carry out and accomplish the initial exercises and training set out in their bespoke rehabilitation programme. Follow up consultations are typically two or three hours in duration and build positively on the behaviour modification training undertaken in session one. Our training facilities at the Dog-ease School in Hertfordshire also allow you to work in a safe and secure environment, alongside other carefully selected dogs and owners if necessary, to fully carry out the exercises needed to effectively rehabilitate your beloved best friend.

Adem is a fully accredited member of the CFBA and many pet insurance policies will cover the cost of behaviour modification training with a behaviourist who holds this level of accreditation. Please check your individual insurance policy for more details on your level of cover and to familiarise yourself with your insurance company’s process of making a claim for our services. Most insurance companies will require owners to obtain a vet referral before behaviour modification training can commence, this is simply to verify that the behavioural issue cannot be treated with vet prescribed medicine. Please get in contact for more information on this process.

If you would like to find out more about how Adem can help you and your dog to overcome any behavioural issues your dog might be experiencing, please use the ‘Contact Form’ to get in touch.

Adem is able to help with any behavioural issues that you might be experiencing, some of which include:

  • Dog on dog aggression
  • Dog on human aggression
  • Dog on child aggression
  • Nervous or fearful aggression
  • Territorial behaviour e.g. barking or growling in the home, pacing of boundaries
  • Separation anxiety
  • Nervous or fearful urination or defecation
  • Destruction of items in the home
  • Unwanted barking or whining
  • Fears and phobias in the home e.g. noises or objects
  • Firework and noise phobia
  • Fears and phobias outside of the home e.g. roads or busy places
  • Overly ‘boisterous’ behaviours with other dogs or people
  • Biting or mouthing
  • Possessive behaviours e.g. claiming of objects or areas of the home
  • Self-hunting e.g. running off in woodland
  • Hunting and/or attacking of livestock and/or wildlife
Behaviour Modification Training and Rehabilitation

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