Agility Training

At Dog-ease we offer agility training on a 1-2-1 basis or in a group training class setting. The aim of our agility classes is not competition focussed, but instead targeted at owners and their best friends developing a stronger bond, build confidence, learn how to understand each other better, and having fun together! For group training, our agility training courses start with a 1-2-1 introductory session at the Dog-ease Training School. Please note, in order to avoid the risk of ligament damage, your dog must be at least one year old to participate in agility training.

What to expect?

No matter if your dog is a complete novice or has already mastered the art of flying through the agility tire, our agility training is tailored to your individual needs. Similarly, it doesn’t matter if your dog is large or perhaps more vertically challenged, we have equipment that is suitable for all breed types, sizes and age.

Just like us humans, all dogs will have their individual character traits, needs and motivations. This can stem from the breed traits of your dog as well as mannerisms and personality traits passed down through their ancestors. For effective participation in agility training classes it is important to tap into and understand your dog’s individual motivations, whether this be food, play item, or affection based. At Dog-ease we. Can help you to understand and motivate your dog so that you are both able to get the most out of your training sessions, building a stronger bond and having fun in the process!

Just like our obedience training classes, agility training commands are taught in a clear, step by step fashion, building in complexity over time as your dog masters each step. This ensures that everyone is able to make good progress and enjoy their time training together.


At Dog-ease we teach through the use of positive reinforcement by praising your dog through the use of your voice, tasty food treats, and play. These encourage your dog to want to learn! We teach you how to time your praise carefully so that your dog can understand what your command means, respond appropriately, and learn quickly! 

We have both a large, fully secured, outdoor training paddock and a large, fully lit, indoor training hall. This means that you can undertake your training comfortably in all weathers and at all times of the year.

We keep our agility training classes small to ensure that all owners and dogs are able to receive 1-2-1 training time and attention. This helps us to ensure that our approach remains personal and our classes are tailored to the needs of each of our class members, both canine and human!

If you would like to join us at the Dog-ease School or book a one-off training session to kick start your at home training, please use the ‘Contact Form’ to get in touch!

Agility Training

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