The Power of Dogs on Our Mental Health

Many studies have shown the benefits of dog ownership with reduced levels of stress, anxiety and loneliness to name just a few. Although I have never suffered with poor mental health myself, I know that my own dogs are always a huge comfort to me whenever times have been tough and I have been going through a bad patch. My first dog Trigger was a huge testament to this when I was just a young teenager and my parents separated. 
Working with many dogs owners on a weekly basis, I also regularly witness the power of dogs on people’s lives and their wellbeing. I have seen dogs act as a companion, shoulder to cry on, coffee shop partner, dog walking friendship developer, and confidence booster in many a social situation. For some, the only point of contact they might have in a day is when they take their dog to a training class or for a walk, allowing them to chat and interact with others. I would like to think at our own dog training school that we are one big family, all looking out for one another. 
I look at my own dogs every day and they make my smile and give me a reason to get out and walk in the fresh air and get some exercise. Only this morning were they my running buddies. We don’t go far but this greatly improves my mood for the day and clears my head. I couldn’t be without them. 
The Power of Dogs on Our Mental Health

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