• Leah

    Three years ago we approached a local rescue centre with the intention of adopting a dog who would fit into our busy family lives. We were fortunate to meet Leah, a beautiful, lovely natured dog with whom we immediately fell in love with. However, little did we know that the arrival of this crazy collie cross would turn our lives and household upside down!

    Leah would not settle in the house, she constantly barked at us for attention, chased the hoover, and paid far too much attention to the two resident rabbits and cats.

    Our family walks turned out to be extremely stressful and frustrating, with Leah barking and spinning around whenever we met other dogs. We could not let her off the lead, because she would chase anything that moved, and would not come back when called. We quickly realise
    d that we needed expert help, and were extremely grateful to be put in contact with Adem, who had been highly recommended.

    Adem is extremely knowledgeable, and has many years experience working with dogs and their owners. He has worked with us on a 1:1 basis and we have attended obedience classes, furthermore Leah has passed both the Bronze and Silver awards. We hope to pass the Gold test shortly. We have certainly had our ups and downs with

    Leah, however Adem has always been on hand to listen, support, offer advice and give much needed encouragement and praise. My daughter now confidently puts Leah through her paces at the agility classes, with Leah off the lead. As an owner you are instantly put at ease by Adem’s kind and patient nature, which results in fun, action packed lessons.

    We are now the proud owners of a super, well socialised dog. We look forward to continuing with the agility, and Leah’s future most certainly looks bright.

    Adem, we cannot thank you enough, we would never have managed without you!!

  • Lancer

    Two years ago when we brought Lancer the Lurcher home from the rescue centre near Peterborough we found we had a dog who had obviously had a hard life. He was underweight with scar marks on his face and body. Although affectionate with our immediate family he was aggressive to any strangers, particularly men. Taking him for walks was a nightmare as anything on four legs was something to be attacked.

    We were recommended to try Dog Ease by our local veterinary nurse.
    Two years later Lancer has completed his bronze silver and gold awards. These have taught him good manners towards people who come to the house and people we meet on the street. On holiday last year I was able to let my 12-year-old granddaughter walk him on a lead down the main street of Aldeburgh confident that he would be well-behaved with any dogs he met.

    He now loves the agility course that we do together on Saturdays. Taking him for walks is a pleasure. Today he stood surrounded by three labradors, one non-descript terrier type and another Lurcher, happily wagging his tail exchanging sniffs and when told to, moving on easily.

    To say that Adem understands dogs and they him is an understatement. Dogs instinctively understand what he wants them to do. It is us owners who sometimes take more training than the dogs.

  • Kobe

    We first went to Adem when we had some behavioural problems with Kobe. After completing our bronze and silver awards in puppy class. We went onto doing agility with Adem, which was great fun and really helped with our control of Kobe off the lead and also helped us constructively exercise him. Now we attend gundog classes, and I have now started picking up with Kobe this year. I can honestly say that without Adem’s knowledge and passion for dogs we never would got to this point with Kobe, and I look forward to training the next dog with you from the start.Many thanks Tom, Nicola and Kobe.

  • Bertie


    I first heard of Adem when I made enquires about a dog named Bertie on RATS website. Peter from RATS rang me and said Adem would call me as he had been working with Bertie since he had arrived at the centre,. Adem explained to me how fearful Bertie was but he believed with the right home he could improve but it would take a lot of patience. I made an appointment to meet Adem and Bertie that weekend.
    Adem told me more about Bertie and I realised it would be challenging. Adem had spent time working with him for about 18 months and that Bertie could not progress further at RATS, he needed a home.
    Adem explained all about not looking directly at Bertie and not making sudden moves but be gentle and calm.
    Adem brought Bertie to my home in April 2014. He was brought in a cage, was terrified, wouldn’t eat, play or go to the toilet. Adem answered my many questions on how to get him to trust me and to let him come to me. Adem was always at the end of a phone when I needed advice and I certainly needed it! Bertie ran off in an unfortunate incident in July and it took 5 days to get him back. Adem kept me positive when I was sure I’d never see Bertie again. He even came down to Luton with his dogs after arriving back from holiday that morning.
    Everything he told me to do has helped to transform Bertie into the playful happy dog he is now, that is in the home and garden environment. There is a lot of work left to do with the outside word but with Adem’s help we will get there. Thank you Adem for all your help because of you Bertie gives us a whole lot of joy! You are a star!

  • Ozzy & Kiwi


    I have been taking my 7 year old cocker spaniel Ozzy to dog-ease for more than 2 years now Adem has helped so much teaching me and Ozzy thing that I could never do and almost given up we have been attending obedience and agility classes and we have achieved so much we have passed our bronze, silver and gold certificates. Getting our gold wasn’t easy a lot of time and work was involved but was worth it.

    I started puppy classes in January with my new cocker spaniel Kiwi and we have Enjoyed every minute learning new things every week in our classes it has even me more confidents.
    Kiwi is now a year old We have passed our puppy, bronze and silver certificates we are now working towards GOLD we have a long way to go but with help from Dog-ease we will get there.

    I highly recommend Adem as a dog trainer I would never go anywhere else.