Safe Child & Dog Interactions – Times Radio Interview

Following on from the extremely tragic news this week of 17 month old Bella-Rae Birch being killed by a dog in her home in St Helens, Phil Williams asked me to join him on his radio show over on Times Radio to talk about dogs and children and how to keep children safe around dogs – and vice versa!

As a parent myself this is a topic I am extremely passionate about. I have worked with many cases over the years where owners have been worried about their child and dog’s interaction. My main goal is ALWAYS to make the situation safe first and build from there. I also assess dogs for various county councils in regards to dogs in foster carer’s homes and I assist them with helping to ensure that accidents and unfortunate incidents do not happen. Just like us, dogs are complex in nature and this requires a lot of attention to detail and careful planning in some cases. We must be both respectful of our children’s needs as well as our dog’s needs for them to live in harmony together.

So, if you own a dog and have children, or even own a dog who might come into contact with children, please take a listen. You can find the link to the recording below.

TIMES RADIO Catch up – Child safe dog interactions (My segment starts @02:12:55).

Much love.

Safe Child & Dog Interactions – Times Radio Interview

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