We were introduced to Adem Fehmi December 2010, when my family gave a home to our first dog a flat coated retriever 8 weeks old. We were all total novices when it came to bringing up a new dog and were given a recommendation by a friend to have a one to one session with Adem to set us in the right direction of having a well behaved and well mannered dog. We progressed from this to Kennel Club puppy training, ending with Sid, our dog receiving his Gold award within one year of weekly classes and practicing at home.

Without Adem I believe Sid would not be the well rounded, social able dog he is today. Sid is now training as a Gun Dog and doing excellently thanks to Adems ground work with us. Sid travels with us everywhere, hotels, restaurants, and holidays home and abroad, travels on public transport, basically we can take him anywhere and know he will be well behaved, well mannered and a huge hit with everyone.

Adem’s training techniques are very calm and clear; he is very patient and answers questions thoroughly. He is excellent at spotting areas of development for dog and owner, giving praise when deserved of course. He is always at the end of a phone to offer advice and has time for everyone. I would recommend Adems to new dog owners, dogs with behaviour problems 100%.