Adem was recommended by the nurse at my veterinary practice after 2 previous 1-2-1 sessions with other trainers had failed to address the problems we had been experiencing.
Despite having owned 3 dogs between us over the years, Milo – a lab/boxer cross, had no manners, pulled massively (despite trying every lead/harness I could get hold of), was incredibly reactive when on lead and generally difficult to manage outside the home. I was frequently almost laying on him in the street when another dog passed meaning walks were an ordeal and spent much of the first year crying in frustration and wishing we had never got him.
Within 5 minutes of meeting Adem for the first time it was obvious that Milo had well and truly met his match and seemed to appreciate knowing his place in the household. Basic ground rules were put in place i.e. not having run of the house/garden, mealtime manners etc and this was backed up with a DVD.
We met up at the school a few times to introduce constructive play, Milo was very excited by the ball but not actually able (or willing) bring it back and would never surrender it to us. After time and effort with Adem’s coaching we got him to play – first just confined to the kitchen, then the hall, and later outside on a long lead until he got the message that the ball was ours and we were just allowing him to play with it.
Adem got us to come to a regular class to help Milo socialise with other dogs, he had a tendency to bully and harass other dogs at the park and was not at all able to read when they had had enough.
We started off in a separate area and for several months worked alongside the ‘normal’ dogs from the safety of the pen. Slowly but surely he has worked his way into the class and is now a fully integrated member of the agility session. I feel very proud of him when he’s off lead running on to the equipment and not distracted by other dogs in the class.
We have been attending Dog-Ease for about 2 and a half years now and whilst Milo is still a bit of a ‘character’ he really has come a long way. Without the constant effort and reassurance from Adem (including ringing me back on a Bank Holiday Monday after a particularly bad day) that we are doing ok I have no doubt that I would have thrown in the towel. Being Milo’s owner is much harder than I anticipated but now I no longer wish we never had him – just wish I had met Adem earlier! In fact if I worked on commission I’d be quite rich as I recommend him to everyone I meet 🙂