Hi ! I found out about Adem as i was being dragged to the park by my working spaniel Charlie, we passed a lady walking her dog perfectly by her side and i had to stop and ask her how she done it and she gave me Adems number. At that time Charlie was ten months old and reducing me to tears most days, it wasn’t just the pulling he wouldn’t come back when called and would run around us in circles and that was only a few of the problems, he was out of control.

Adem came round and we started training he was fantastic, he showed me that most of the problems were not with Charlie but me i was a bad leader. Slowly things got better and now i can let him of the lead without worrying.

Last summer we got another spaniel and have not had the same problems I would like to think its because Adem taught me to be a better leader and have a better understanding of my dogs. I could not recommend him enough.

Tina Marro