Charlie is a rescued dog who had 4 owners before me,I was about to give him up myself because of his bad behaviour .Then I met someone in the park who gave me Adems phone number as I do not like to give up on any dog as I believe its the owners who are usualy to blame for bad behaviour so Adem came to my house and told me where I was going wrong .We then went to group training classes ,this ofcourse helped with socialising Charlie and learning what I expected of him .He now has The Bronze ,Silver & Gold good citizen Kennel club award and is now having fun doing Agility.It has been hard work for Charlie and Me but if it had not been for Adem Fehmi, with his kindness, patience , understanding and never giving up on us life would have been very restricted .THANK YOU SO MUCH ADEM.

Mrs P. Allen.

Charlie has gone on to have a career on the small screen. Look out for his appearance in this advertisement for Denti-Stix!