Enhancing your dog’s mental wellbeing (Part 2) – How to use a Lick mat

Here I have chosen to use a lick mat with Tommy, a lovely older dog. Lick mats can be used with all ages of dog and, like most food dispensing toys, are great for helping to keep a dog’s teeth clean and alleviating boredom by breaking up the day. For older dogs like Tommy, it can also be a fantastic way to mentally stimulate a dog if going on long walks are proving more difficult for them.

In this video you will also see that a lick mat can be useful for helping you to groom a dog that might otherwise wriggle, or even examine their bodies if you need to.

A lick mat can be a great addition to mealtimes, and some designs allow them to also be filled with treats that are harder to ‘unwedge’ for dogs that like an increased challenge.

These items are often inexpensive and can be found in most pet shops. Why not give it a go!

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Enhancing your dog’s mental wellbeing (Part 2) – How to use a Lick mat

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