Dog-ease Ltd General Terms of Service

1-2-1 Training Consultations including Agility, Puppy, Obedience, Assistance Dog, and Behaviour Consultations

By accessing and using our services you agree to be bound by and accepting of the Terms set out below.

1. Bookings: 

    • Consultation fees, and any additional travel charges, are set out by Dog-ease Ltd in their written communication with You, the Client. By continuing with the consultation, You are in agreement with these fees. All consultation fees are inclusive of VAT.
    • The time, date, duration and location of any agreed consultation(s) will be provisionally confirmed by email with full booking instructions included. Bookings will only be confirmed once the requested deposit payment, Pre Consultation Form, and Client Declaration documentation is received by Dog-ease Ltd. These documents must be completed by the person(s) undertaking the session and will not be accepted from a third party.
    • You agree to complete the Pre Consultation Form as honestly and as accurately as possible. Failure to disclose the information requested, or submission of false information, may result in the immediate termination of your consultation. The refund of any fees paid will not be given in this instance.
    • Payment of the balance of your consultation fee must be made on the day of your booked consultation. Payment methods will be clearly set out in written communication with you at the time of booking.
    • Bookings cannot be accepted on behalf of another individual without written permission from the individual in question being submitted to Dog-ease Ltd. In this circumstance, Dog-ease Ltd will require full payment of the consultation fee, plus any additional travel charges, at the time of booking.
    • Dog-ease Ltd reserves the right not to provide their services to any Client, potential or existing, should Dog-ease Ltd believe that the partnership would not be beneficial to either of the parties involved. This will be at the sole discretion of Dog-ease Ltd.

2. Cancellations and Missed Consultations: 

    • The deposit payment is non-refundable or transferable unless enough notice is given by you, the Client, to Dog-ease Ltd to reallocate the booked consultation. Dog-ease Ltd will endeavour to assist in reallocating booked consultations if necessary, however this cannot be guaranteed.
    • Where a consultation is missed or cancelled by You, the Client, and the booked consultation cannot be reallocated, You, the Client, will be liable for payment of a deposit for any newly agreed consultation.
    • Dog-ease Ltd reserves the right to cancel a consultation due to unforeseen circumstances. In the instance that a consultation needs to be cancelled, an alternative consultation will be provided. Alternatively, if this is not possible or You, the Client requests, a refund of any payments already made towards the consultation will be given.

3. Pet Insurance Claims:

    • If you are intending to claim through your pet insurance for Behaviour Rehabilitation services provided by Dog-ease Ltd, You, the Client, are responsible for obtaining a veterinary referral to Adem Fehmi MCFBA, at Dog-ease Ltd. A referral form can be provided by Dog-ease Ltd to assist with this process if necessary.
    • Whilst the majority of insurance companies are accepting of the CFBA accreditation that Dog-ease Ltd’s Behaviourist, Adem Fehmi, holds, You, the Client, are responsible for checking with your individual insurance company that they accept accreditation with the CFBA in regard to claims for behaviour rehabilitation services.
    • It may be necessary for Dog-ease Ltd to obtain a copy of a dog’s medical history. If so, Dog-ease Ltd will ask You, the Client, to grant permission for this information to be released to Dog-ease Ltd by your veterinary practice.
    • Dog-ease Ltd agrees to provide you with the necessary documentation to assist with verifying your claim. This will include a written report, itemised invoice and, where appropriate, the completion of any relevant sections of your individual insurers claim form. Dog-ease Ltd are also happy to assist with the completion of pre-authorisation forms should your individual insurance company require this or offer this service.
    • Dog-ease Ltd will not be held liable for any claims that are rejected by an insurance company unless these relate to outstanding documentation, as listed above. You, the Client, are responsible for checking with your insurance company as to the cover provided, any exclusions on your individual policy, and the validity of your claim.
    • Dog-ease Ltd cannot accept direct payments from insurance companies and You, the Client, are responsible for paying all fees associated with any consultations booked and undertaken.

4. Consultations – Advice and Outcomes:

    • Services provided by Dog-ease Ltd are based on positive reinforcement and reward-based methodologies and practices, as supported by science.
    • Whilst Dog-ease Ltd has a high success rate with Clients who practice and follow the advised methodologies, the success of training and behaviour rehabilitation is dependant on a variety of external factors that Dog-ease Ltd cannot control, including, but not limited to the ability of the owner to carry out the training consistently and, often, over time. As such, Dog-ease Ltd will not be held accountable for any reported lack of progress with training and/or the regression of a behaviour issue(s). This includes any Client reported development of a perceived new training or behaviour issue, as well as any incidents that arise outside of consultations. By undertaking the services of Dog-ease Ltd, You, the Client, agree to accept this.
    • Dog-ease Ltd cannot guarantee a time frame by which a certain level of training will be obtained or by which a behaviour issue will be resolved. Training and/or behaviour rehabilitation takes time, patience and consistency. Follow on consultations may need to be booked.
    • Some consultations may be accompanied by a written report. You will be notified of this during your booking if this is part of the service you have booked. Any written reports that accompany consultations are given alongside the verbal and practical advice provided during your consultation. You, the Client, agree to accept that any reports issued are a summary of the consultation that has taken place and that they are not intended to replace the intricate, and often complex, behaviour training that is discussed, demonstrated and/or instructed verbally and physically during the course of the booked consultation.
    • Participating in a consultation does not guarantee the immediate right to enrolment in a group training class. Group training classes will be offered on the basis that these are suitable for the dog in question and that there is availability. Dog-ease Ltd also reserve the right to decline enrolment in a group training class should we feel that this is not in the best interest of You, the Client, the dog in question, or other clients and their dogs.
    • In the event that your dog is declined enrolment in a group training class, the full balance of the consultation fee is still due and Dog-ease Ltd will not be liable to refund any fees paid.
    • Any advice given via telephone, including video call, or by written communication methods such as via email and/or messaging services (including, but not limited to, WhatsApp), is given on an informal basis and is not intended to constitute or replace a full consultation. You, the Client, agree to accept this.
    • Whilst Dog-ease Ltd endeavours to support You, the Client, as best as possible in your training and/or behaviour rehabilitation journey, You, the Client, agree to accept that there is a limitation to the advice that can be given outside of booked consultations. By nature, dog training and/or behaviour rehabilitation requires practical instruction and direction and we reserve the right to refuse to offer advice via such channels should we feel that the level of additional support you are asking for outside of consultations is unjustified. You, the Client, agree to accept these limitations and agree to accept it may be necessary to book and undertake further consultations in order to progress with your training or behaviour rehabilitation.

5. Safety:

    • You, the Client, agree to be responsible for keeping your dog under full control at all times for the duration of the consultation. Dog-ease Ltd will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries sustained by you or your dog, or those caused by your dog to others, including other dogs and animals.
    • You, the Client, agree to follow the instruction of your assigned Trainer or Behaviourist for the full duration of the consultation. Dog-ease Ltd will not be held liable for any accident or injury sustained in your consultation should You, the Client, fail to use equipment appropriately or fail to fully follow the advice given.
    • You, the Client, agree to fully supervise any children in attendance at the time of your consultation.
    • You, the Client, agree to ensure that your dog is in good physical health and has received all necessary vaccinations prior to undertaking any consultations with Dog-ease Ltd.
    • Should your consultation be held at our training premises, Dog-ease Ltd assumes no responsibility for any damage, theft, or loss that may occur while your vehicle is parked.
    • Staff members, including but not limited to Trainer’s and Behaviourists, at Dog-ease Ltd are not qualified to provide veterinary or legal advice and any information Dog-ease Ltd provides is not intended to constitute as such.