Little did I know when I took on Barney at 8 weeks old, just how much chaos I was going to endure!

Already owning 2 older Labradors I thought bringing Barney, a show cross working Cocker spaniel, into the team would be easy! However things did not go to plan and within weeks Barney had me wrapped around his paws and was taking over the world.

I immediately contacted Adem and the Dog-ease team for help. I’d known Adem previously as he had helped me with Buddy and Holly many years before when I’d had some problems with them that he had helped successfully with.


At our first one to one Adem explained Barneys natural breed characteristics, behaviours and background.  Adem then went on to show me simple, effective, positive ways that I could help Barney with his basic training at home. After our one to one we joined one of the Dog-ease puppy classes with Sarah and our training journey continued.  After 6 weeks we passed and gained our Puppy Award…myself and Barney had come a long way. Shortly after completing this, we moved over into one of the weekend group classes and from here we have continued to learn and grow.

The lessons are always fun and informative.  I love the fact the groups are kept small so that Sarah and Adem have time for everyone.  If anyone is having a particular problem Adem will often take you aside and provide individual help whilst the rest of the group continue with Sarah. 

Barney is now 2 years old and we have continued to attend regular group lessons where we have become a firm part of the Dog-ease family.

I can’t thank Adem, Sarah and Sally enough for their support over the past 2 years. They’ve always been there for Barney and me. I am in no doubt that without their advice and kind effective training methods I’d have had to re-home Barney but I now understand his energy and behaviours and have a bond with him that means he will stay with me forever.

RSPCA Branch Operations Manager
Hertfordshire East


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