Following on from last week’s tutorial on how to get your dog’s senses going with a ‘nose’ game, I thought I would share another way you can get your dog’s nose busy busy and have some fun together.

Snuffle mats come in all shapes and sizes. Choose one that suits your breed and size of dog. Alternatively, you could also play this game by hiding treats under cushions or maybe towels and letting your dog seek them out with their nose! Just make sure to supervise the fun when using anything fabric based, this isn’t a game to leave your dog playing by themselves.

As always, make sure that the treats you use are of high value and ones that your dog finds particularly tasty. If your dog is an eager eater, you could also jazz up mealtimes by offering your dog their usual dried food in this way a few times a week. This game is a great boredom buster and way to enrich your dog’s day!

Let me know if you give it a go! Tag me in your photos and videos. As always, I would also love to hear what else you’ve been up to with your dogs to keep both you and them entertained.

Much love, keep smiling and loving those dogs

Disclaimer: All training is attempted at the owner’s risk and Adem Fehmi accepts no liability for any injuries to pets or owners sustained during training. If your dog is showing signs of a behavioural issue please seek professional advice.


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