December 7, 2014 admin


Three years ago we approached a local rescue centre with the intention of adopting a dog who would fit into our busy family lives. We were fortunate to meet Leah, a beautiful, lovely natured dog with whom we immediately fell in love with. However, little did we know that the arrival of this crazy collie cross would turn our lives and household upside down!

Leah would not settle in the house, she constantly barked at us for attention, chased the hoover, and paid far too much attention to the two resident rabbits and cats.

Our family walks turned out to be extremely stressful and frustrating, with Leah barking and spinning around whenever we met other dogs. We could not let her off the lead, because she would chase anything that moved, and would not come back when called. We quickly realise
d that we needed expert help, and were extremely grateful to be put in contact with Adem, who had been highly recommended.

Adem is extremely knowledgeable, and has many years experience working with dogs and their owners. He has worked with us on a 1:1 basis and we have attended obedience classes, furthermore Leah has passed both the Bronze and Silver awards. We hope to pass the Gold test shortly. We have certainly had our ups and downs with

Leah, however Adem has always been on hand to listen, support, offer advice and give much needed encouragement and praise. My daughter now confidently puts Leah through her paces at the agility classes, with Leah off the lead. As an owner you are instantly put at ease by Adem’s kind and patient nature, which results in fun, action packed lessons.

We are now the proud owners of a super, well socialised dog. We look forward to continuing with the agility, and Leah’s future most certainly looks bright.

Adem, we cannot thank you enough, we would never have managed without you!!