Aggressive Rocco

Aggressive Rocco
November 21, 2014 admin

We were first given Adem’s number following a consultation with our vet regarding Rocco’s aggressive behaviour. We were having problems with his aggression, he had attacked us both on a number of occasions over the years and we were struggling to cope with him. There are very few people he trusts, namely me, my husband and his parents, so we were running out of hope that anyone would be able to help us. He is also very unsociable around other dogs.

We booked Adem in for 121 sessions, from the moment he came into the house he asserted his dominance over Rocco and we were quickly amazed by how well Rocco responded to him, out on a walk Rocco instantly walked to heel. We continued to work with Adem and begun to take him for day trips to a kennels, where Adem worked with him both one on one and with his dog, Yogi. I don’t think we have ever seen him so close to another dog in such a calm and contented manner.

Seeing Rocco with Adem really is amazing, he had an instant respect for him and seems to really enjoy any time spent with him.

We can’t thank Adem enough for his help, it has now been over 2 years since Rocco last attacked either of us. Additionally due to the improvements we have seen in him we are now able to have the confidence to leave him in kennels and go on holiday for the first time in over 5 years.

We continue to have contact with Adem and Rocco still enjoys spending the day with Adem at the kennels. We hope to have Adem involved for the rest of Rocco’s life as the influence and effect he had on him is invaluable.

Thanks again for all your help, I hope the above is ok. Let me know when you’re back at the kennels for the day as I’m sure rocco would love to see you.